Brisbane Glen & Knock Hill Walk

From Aubery, the north end of the Promenade, walk along by Noddsdale Water and then cross the main road (Greenock Road) into Barr Crescent (Nixon's Hotel is on the corner). Continue walking by the burn, and you will come to Brisbane Glen Road. You will reach the cemetry, and across from that is the entrance gates to the former home of the Brisbane family, where Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane a former Governor of New South Wales lived (this is the historical connection between Largs and Brisbane, and is the reason for the Brisbane Queen Festival). By taking the farm road on the left you will come to the C-listed building - Brisbane Mains Farm, with unusual architecture. When heading up the path, detour to the left and climb up to Knock Hill (which is of volcanic origin), where you will be able to see the whole surrounding area and islands. You may wish to take an alternate route up the spiral path to the top of the hill, but this route is longer.

When you return to Greenock road, you can see Netherhall's Gate House, which was once the mansion owned by Lord Kelvin a famous scientist.

Brisbane Glen

Brisbane Glen Cemetery
View of Largs from the Glen
Entrance to Brisbane family home
Farm road leading to Mains Farm

Knockhill Views

Knockhill Views photos are used courtesy of David Archbold.

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