Pencil Walk

Beginning at the Pier, head along the Promenade to the south, passing the War Memorial, and Mackerston Putting Green. You will then reach Carinie's Quay - a jetty built by Dr. Cairnie, a man renowned as the creator of the first man-made curling rink, a favourite hobby of his.

Continuing along the path, which curves around Largs bay, there is a plaque which was built in 1902 by regular Largs visitors.

You will then reach the famous Pencil monument itself, which commemorates the Battle of Largs 1263. There is a lovely beach area and picnic area here, along with spectacular views of across the water, and Largs bay.

If you continue past the Pencil, you will reach Largs Marina, with shops and restaurants to wind down in after your walk.

War Memorial
Mackerston path to the Pencil

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