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The website have grown significantly reaching over 10,000 people every month and the websites cannot continue without the valued support of local businesses. All of the businesses shown on the adverts throughout the website support us and help increase visitors to Largs.

We pride ourselves on creating professional, high quality adverts at reasonable prices - the advantage we have over competitors is that we are a global advertising tool. Did you know the majority of our site visitors are American and Canadian tourists planning their holidays? Additionally we have a solid community base as well for more local based businesses.

To make sure visitors stay in your accommodation, eat in your restaurant or come to your event, ADVERTISE NOW!

There are different types of adverts which we price on a yearly basis:

  • Basic text listing from 20 per year.
  • Links for local businesses £25 per year.
  • Small adverts (as seen on the right hand side) which are either static or animated and can link to your website.
  • Banner adverts (as seen below) which are more eye catching and hold more information.
  • Feature pages - See Douglas House, Largs Seaview Apartments, 15 Kelburn Court etc. essentially a mini website within perfect for accommodation providers.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements!


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