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Largs is famous for holding numerous festivals each year in celebration of many things; We begin the festival calendar with the relatively young Largs Jazz Festival which takes place in June, next is the traditional Largs Brisbane Queen Festival in July, celebrating Largs' links with Sir Thomas Brisbane, after whom the town of Brisbane, Australia was named, and finally we round the year off with the famous Largs Viking Festival which celebrates the Scots' victory over the vikings in the 1263 Battle of Largs. The Largs Viking Festival takes place in September each year.

Millport's Country & Western Festival and Largs Viking Festival are taking place in 2009, sadly the Jazz Festival and Brisbane Queen are not.

For more information on the festivals please select from the links below:

Largs Jazz Festival | Largs Brisbane Queen Festival | Largs Viking Festival

Millport Country & Western Festival

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...o Largs Viking Festival 29th Aug - ....till 6th Sept. 2009
...o Millport Country and Western
......Festival 4th - 6th Sept. 2009